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Diisli oksüdatsiooni katalüsaator

Tootja nimi:HETEK CAT Autoosad
Miinimum Kogus:20pcs
Pakend andmed:Mullikile + karp
Tarneaeg:üks kuu
Maksetingimused:Pay before shipment
Pakkumise võime:5000L / päevas

DOC (Diesel oxidation catalyst) is a device installed in the exhaust system of diesel vehicles to reduce exhaust emissions. DOC is the first step in the aftertreatment of exhaust gas, and it is also a device that converts CO and hydrocarbons in exhaust gas into harmless CO2 and H2O.

Excessive sulfur and phosphorus elements are produced in the exhaust gas, which can easily lead to the failure of the DOC device.

Therefore, the National VI diesel engine oil should not only have low ash content, but also a low sulfur and low phosphorus formula.

DOC technical features:

1. The precious metals are mainly Pt or Pt and Pd;

2. The DOC slurry is configured by dipping;

3. Other auxiliary materials are added to increase the conversion rate and reduce the light-off temperature.

Konkurentsivõimeline eelis:

1. Good dispersion of precious metals;

2. Madalam süttimistemperatuur;

3. hea kõrge temperatuuritaluvus;

4. Hea antitoksilisus

5. Life indicators: 50,000 kilometers for in-use vehicles and 200,000 kilometers for new production vehicles.


Motor vehicle exhaust aftertreatment catalyst and converter

— DOC/DPF/SCR: Catalysts for light and heavy diesel vehicles (China III, China IV, China V, and China VI)

Tehnilised parameetrid

Most specifications can be made, and less commonly used specifications can be customized. The following specifications are for reference.

KASUTUSALAkujuAukude arvSeina paksus (mm)Outer diameter or long and short diameter range(mm)Height range(mm)Tolerance range(mm)
Straight-through leather carriersilindriline400/60.165 0.025 ±93-143.850.8-152.4± 1


Meet user customization

Ellipse, runway type and special type


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